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APO Goes to Market

Association of Philippine Orthodontists 

APO Goes to Market

Orthodontics and Business Seminar
Join us as we bring you a healthy mix of clinical orthodontics lectures plus business management topics to help you enhance your practice

3M Customer Technical Center
Cocolight Bidg. 11k Ave., corner 39th St., Uptown BGC, Taguig
on October 10, 2018: 8am-5pm
For registration, please contact:
APO (02) 890 6048:(091) 796 5951

8th OPAP Annual: KPOP in TMD

8th OPAP Annual: KPOP in TMD

OPAP FB Event page:

Dr. Tan Hee Hon: Prosthodontics/Orofacial Pain National University of Singapore
"Orofacial Pain in Prosthodontist'sPerspective"

Dr. Cristina Laureta: Orthodontics UP College of Dentistry
"Usual Suspects Extraction in TMD"

Dr. Josievitz Zafra: Orthodontics UP College of Dentistry
"Ortho Tx Causes or Cures TMD: What do scientific evidence tell us?"

Dr. Ricardo Boncan: TMD/Orofacial Pain UP College of Dentistry
"Pain Control in TMD: Why you can not always get what you want."

1) OPAP/TOPP: 1,800 (RATE STRICTLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15 ONLY. Standard rates apply after)

2) Regular Rate
Pre Reg: 2,000 (until October 31)
Onsite: 2,500

Bank Details: Metrobank Eisenhower
Account name: Orofacial Pain Association Inc.
Account number: 614-7-61403361-0

*NOTE Very Important
Send a photo of your deposit slip WITH YOUR:
2) PRC Number
3) Email Address
to or viber to 0998 9593 889

For inquiries contact:
0998 9593 889