TMD and OFP Course in Cebu and Baguio (OPAP in cooperation wih CADS)

From OPAP Facebook Page:

TMD and OFP Course in Cebu and Baguio

It is our firm belief that every patient has the right to receive proper care in order to be relieved of any ailment specially one that it involves pain. Unnecessary treatments or worse, wrong treatments usually result from a wrong diagnosis which stems from inadequate knowledge or erroneous concepts of the disease process. The field of orofacial pain and Temporomandibular Disorders has been undergoing a major revamp to exclude outdated concepts which are no longer supported by the most recent literature as well as new treatment modalities which are not based on sound science.

We, the Orofacial Pain Association (OPAP) with our members and qualified TMD and orofacial pain doctors through the efforts of the Center for Advanced Dental Studies (CADS) are enthusiastic to announce that we are coming to the Visayas to bring information in the field and equip doctors to prudently manage these conditions. On the first weekend of September 2017, we will start to offer a course on Temporomandibular Disorders and an overview on Orofacial Pain featuring the following:

65 hours of lectures and workshop
Convenient and comfortable venue in the heart of the city of Cebu and Baguio
Schedule which will not disrupt your practice
CPE units from OPA inc. which is a PRC accredited provider
Certificate of completion

09394646776 for details