PDA 106th Scientific Session and Annual Convention 2015 General Matrix

General Matrix for 106th Scientific Session
Theme: Emerging Trends in Oral Health Care in Philippine Dentistry 
Philippine Dental Association
PDA Building. Ayala Avenue, cor Kamagong Street San Antonio Village Makati City 1203 Philippines
Email: secretariat@pda.phContact Numbers: (632) 8904609 / (632) 8978091 / Fax (632) 8996332

MAY 11 - Monday
Pre Congress by Fildent Trading FR 2
May 11 - Monday, Students Forum , MR 7,8,9
9-12 noon Chair: Dr. Ayen Alix 
9-10 am. Hon.Dr. Dominator Santos Jr. ( Licensure exam updates)
10-11 noon Dr. Maria Arlissa D. Aguiluz (Ethical management of patients as study materials) 
11-12 noon Dr. Oliver C. Alix ( The Complex Patient goes to the Dentist)
MAY 11 Pre Congress of Pafjo TMJ external venue
May 11 Pre Congress Phil Association of Hospital Dentists 1pm Padi's Point, San Miguel by the Bay
May 11- Poster Presentation set up on the 2nd floor

MAY 12 - Tuesday
8am Holy Mass
Opening ceremony 
May 12- 12:30 noon Ribbon cutting of Poster Presentation 
May 12, 2015
MR 1: May 12 
2- 3pm dr Jessica santos (Steps in setting up dental practice in today's competitive times)
3-4pm dr Kristine Pacete Estrera (Career tracks for new dentists)
4- 5pm Mr. Nonong Noriega ( Career options for the aging dentist)
MR 7-9 May 12
1-2pm. Dr. Kenneth Lester Lim ( To Save or to Extract and Implant)
2- 3pm Dr. Bernice Ko (USA) ( Problem solving essentials in endodontics)
3-4pm. Dr. Bernice Ko (USA)
4-5pm. Dr. Matteo Fantoli ( Italy) TMJ Diagnosis

May 13 - Wednesday 
FR 1 Colgate symposium, 9-5 pm
Moderator Dr. Bhabita Murjani 
9-10 am. Dr. Shirley Wong (ICDAS)
10-11am. Dr. Nannette Vergel de Dios
11-12 noon Dr. Vivian Virata (Dentine Hypersensitivity)
12-1pm lunch
1pm-2pm. Dr. Edmund Julian Ofilada (Root Caries Management)
2-3pm. Dr. Nannette Vergel de Dios (Dentin Hypersensitivity Revisted)
3-4pm. Dr. Romeo N. Jacob ( Caries Management)
FR 2. May 13
9 to 10 am Dr. Pete Ong ( Managing marginal leakage of composite restorations)
10 to 11 am Dr. Gigi Estrada ( Preparing Dentists for Complications in Oral Surgery)
11 to 12. Dr. Hazel Sunico ( Clinical management of the immature apex)
12 to 1 pm Lunch break
1 to 3 pm Dr. Bernice Ko (USA) ( Problem solving essentials in endodontics)
3 to 4 pm Dr. Manuel Reyes ( A comparative analysis of immediate vs. delayed loading of dental implants )
4 to 5 pm Dr. Gary Brillo ( autogenous bone: gold standard of bone grafts?)
FR 3. May 13. Biological dentistry forum 9-5pm c/o Dr. Nelson GABA 
9-10 am Dr. Dawn Ewing ( Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?)
12-1pm. Lunch break
1-3pm Dr. Mike Margolis ( The Connection between Your Oral Health, Your Oral Conditions and Total Body Health) 
MR 1 : May 13 
9-10am. Dr. Andrew Zimny ( Polyaramid Fibers) c/o Fildent Dr. Erwin Rodriguez
10-11 am Dr. Maricel Gler ( New microbiological threats in dental practice)
11-12 noon Mr. Lukasz Pienkowski ( 3D Printing in Dentistry and Oral Surgery) 
12-1 pm. lunch
1 -2 pm Juanito Eslava, PhD ( Radiation Training course as DOH requirement ) c/o Dental System Inc. Dr. Jerry Limkaco 
2-3pm PAED esthetics symposium Dr. Peet van der Vyver ( Clinical Innovations to Ensure Predictable Posterior Composite Restorations)
3-4pm Dr. Sonny Burias ( Longevity of Restorations through Harmonious Functional Dentistry)
4-5pm Dr. Cheung Lai Chun (Longevity of Restorations Part II)
MR 7-9. May 13 
Moderator Dr. Jean Arevalo
9-10 Dr. Anthony C. Leachon ( Stem cell controversies)
11-12 noon Dr. Gaerlan Inciong (Acupuncture in TMD Management) with hands on
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Dr. Elbert Solano ( Antibiotics and other medications for pediatric patients in dentistry)
2- 3pm Dr. Anna Dimanlig ( Management of the autistic pediatric patient )
3-4pm Dr. Adrian Manaloto (Minimally Invasive Fixed Prosthesis) 
4-5pm Dr. Jordi Landayan ( Management of PeriImplant Mucositis and PeriImplantitis)

May 14 Thursday
FR 1 
Moderator Dr. Jean Arevalo
9-10 am. Dr. Charles Sia (Head and neck radiotherapy )
10-11am Dr. Henri Co (Obtaining clearances prior and after dental treatment of cancer patients)
11-12noon Dr. Glenda H. De Villa ( The Dentist in the Operating Room)
1-2 pm Dr. Aqeel Sajjad Reshamvala (Spoilt for Choice: from Confusion to Clarity) c/o dr. Robert Abrenica 
2-3pm Dr. Bruce Lee (Integrated Digital Workflow into Daily Practice- a Clinical Reality?) 
3-5pm Dr. David Manton c/o GC Lala Mendenilla (Pediatric dentistry)
FR 2 May 14
9-10am. Dr. Tess Villarico (Making A Child's Life Easy by Unlocking ECC)
10-11. Dr. Nannette Vergel de Dios (Periodontal Regeneration)
11-12. Dr Antolin Serraon ( Periodontal Management of the Pregnant Patient)
12-1. Lunch
1-2pm Dr. Ted Nicholoff ( Oral Mucosal Lesions associated with systemic diseases)
2- 3pm Cristina Laureta ( Interventions for pain during fixed orthodontic appliance therapy)
3-4pm Dr. Darwin Lim (Dental implants for high risk patients)
FR 3 May 14. Public Health Dentists Forum Chair: Dr. Rey Locson
Dr. Anthony Calibo (Overview of the Child Health Programs of the DOH)
Director Edgardo Macaranas of DBM (Updates on the Position Classification and Compensation of Government Dentists)
DILG representative 
DepEd representative
PhilHealth representative
Dr. Susan Mabunga ( International Caries Detection Assessment System)
Dr. Fenella Galvan ( A Preventive Approach in Caries Management)
MR 1. May 14. 
9-10 am. Dr. Therese Robles ( Obturators)
10-11 Dr. Sonia Matic (TMD management)
11-12noon. Dr. Ethel Lingat Escultura (Orthodontic management of impacted teeth)
12-1 pm. Lunch
1-2 pm Dr. Elmer Escoto ( Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis)
2-3pm Dr. Charles Sia ( Loading Protocol in grafted sites)
3-4pm Dr. Jay Hansel Tabije
4-5 pm 
MR 7-9. May 14. Table Clinics 9-5pm Chair Dr. Jean Arevalo
9-12 noon session
Dr. Arlyn Ang Lizaso (Anatomic Composite Layering Technique)
Mr. John Chenny Lim (Improving the Efficiency of the Clinic Workflow)
Mr. Edmund Choi (Lasing is Amazing)
Dr. Vivian Virata (Esthetic Crown Lengthening)
Dr. Erwin-Martin Cabusas (Temporary Crowns Using Vacuum Trays)
Dr. Dan Dones (Single Cone Technique in RCT)
Dr. Aaron Neal Y. Lu (Construction of a Modified Hawley Appliance for Anterior Crossbite Correction)
Dr. Maryam Ahmad Akhoundi (Demonstrating the Use and Different Functional Appliances in Different Ages)
Dr. Danna Rose Perral (Using of MARA-Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance as a Skeletal and Dental Class II Malocclusion Corrector)
Dr. Harvenio Omar Velena VI (Counter Rotation Techniques in Orthodontics)
Dr. Cheung Lai Chun (Occlusal Equilibration)
Dr. Marie Carmina Gulmatico (Managing Class 3 Malocclusions with the Protraction Facemask)
Dr. Ann Paula E. Lee (Management of Soft Tissue Trauma in the Oral Cavity)
Dr. Arlyn Ang Lizaso (Anatomic Composite Layering Technique)
Mr. John Chenny Lim (Improving the Efficiency of the Clinic Workflow)
Dr. Edmond Choi (Lasing is Amazing)
Dr. Christian Anthony Ermita (Predictable, Efficient, Low Trauma Tooth Extraction Using a Novel Extraction Device)
Dr. Heherson Tumang (Optical 3D Imaging in Dentistry)
Dr. John Gerard Omo (Non-Surgical Repair Techniques of Simple Perforations Using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate)
Dr. Angelyn De Guzman (Construction of Quadhelix Appliance for Correction of Posterior Crossbite)
Dr. Martin Reyes (Use of Utility Arches and Appliances for Simplifying Potentially Difficult Orthodontic Problems)
Dr. Desiree May Diaz-Villamayor (The Expandables: Ways and Means to Diagnose and Correct Posterior Crossbite in Children)
Dr. Lotus D. Llavore (TADs for Anchorage)
Dr. Femerylle A. Dumlao (TAD Grid Guide: An Improved Way of Locating TADs Placement)
Dr. Mary Grace L. Libunao (Zirconium Silicate Indirect Restoration)
MR 13. May 14. Dental Jurisprudence Forum
2-5 pm
Hon. Dominador H. Santos Jr. DMD
Antonio Alejandro Rebosa MD, LlB
The Anatomy and Consequence of Dental Malpractice : A Guide to the Ethical and Prudent Practice of Dentistry

May 15. FRIDAY
FR 1 
9 to 10 am 
10 to 11am. Dr. Josievitz Tan-Zafra ( Managing bruxism in children)
11 to 12 noon Dr. Kissy Ongtengco (Perspectives in inhalation sedation in pediatric dentistry)
12 to 1pm Lunch break
1-2 pm Dr. Rosemarie Bulagsay (Decision making between maxillary expansion and tooth extraction )
2-3 pm Dr. Paolo Gálvez ( Dental facial esthetics enhanced by Botox)
3-4 pm Dr. Mon Acdal ( Emergency Protocol in the dental setting)
FR 2 May 15
9-10 am. Dr. Margaret Tiu ( Disinfection of the Root Canal System: What, How and When?)
10 to 11 am. Dr. Kitchie de Luna ( Pulpal regeneration )
11 to 12 noon ( Strategies in root canal preparation) Dr. Elaine P. Del Rosario 
12 to 1 pm Lunch break
1 to 2 pm Dr. Romeo Jacob ( Comparative Analysis of orthodontic techniques)
2 to 3 pm. Dr. Irene Porter through Video presentation ( Rational approach to decision making between endodontics and implant therapy)
3-4pm Dr. Xenia Velmonte ( Oral lesions of Aids)
4-5 pm
FR 3. May 15
9 am to 10 am. Dr. Mariejecelle Dino Lim ( Dealing with sleep apnea)
10am to 11 am 
11 am to 12 nn. Dr. Johanna Po ( A look at Stem Cells therapy and its possibilities in dentistry)
12 to 1 pm LUNCH BREAK
1-2 pm. Dr. Regina morales ( Perio-Prostho at its finest- the dream team)
2-3:30 pm Dr. Regina Morales
3:30- 4:30 pm Dr. Ted Nicholoff (CBCT interpretation)
FR 4. May 15. MULTISPECIALTY Symposium
Theme: Enhancing the Basics
8am - 8:30 am ESP. Dr. Isabel Campos Bustos ( Standard of Practice in Contemporary Endodontic Treatment)
8:45-9:15 am APO. Dr. Martin Antonio V. Reyes, DDM,MSD ( Guided Tooth Eruption: Driftodontics for Correction of Potentially Difficult Skeletal and Dental Malocclusions)
9:30-10:00 am PPDSI. Dr. Georgina Roa Remulla ( Save that Smile: Fixed Prosthodontic Considerations in Restoring Primary Anterior Teeth)
10:15 - 10:45 am PPS. Dr. Kim Fajardo ( Temporization: The Road to the Final Restoration)
11-11:30am PSP. Dr. Phides Pangilinan (Periodontal Probing, What does it mean?)
11: 45-12:15 PCOMS Dr. Joy Bautista (Suture Away)
Workshop schedule 1-1:30pm/1:30-2pm/2-2:30pm/3-3:30pm/3:30-4pm/4-4:30pm
ESP. Dr. Emanel Sibayan-Jugo ( Endodontic Radiography 101)
APO. Dr. Diana Dorothy Lim and Dr. Ma. Laarni Serraon ( Sharpening your Skills in Reading the Panoramic Radiograph for a Good Mixed Dentition Analysis)
PPDSI. Dr. Jasper L. Tago, Dr. Joann Jo Peron, Dr. Fenella Isabel G. Galvan ( choose your Crown: Strip off, Stainless or Zirconia)
PPS. Dr. Erwin-Martin Cabusas, Dr. Stephen Almonte ( Temporary Crowns Using Vacuum Trays)
PSP. Dr. Ronald Yniguez and Dr. JV Jaurigue ( Periodontal Pocket Probing- an Equally Important Diagnostic Tool in Comprehensive Dentistry)
PCOMS. Dr. Joy Bautista ( Suture Away)
MR 1. May 15. 
Dental Technologists Forum. chair: Dr. Mark Kobayashi
9 am to 5 pm Junichiro Yoshioka DDS,Phd ( Full Mouth Reconstruction)
MR 7-9. May 15.
Dental Hygienists Forum Chair: Dr. Agnes A. Santos
9-10 am Dr. Yvonne Chua ( Expectations from Non surgical Periodontal Therapy)
10-11. Dr. Dindo Rosales ( Heads Up Hygienist: A Look at the Advances of Implant Dentistry)
11-12 noon. Dr. Lizza Dazo (updates in Infection control)
12-1 pm. Lunch
1-2 pm Atty. Rudyard Avila III (Legal measures to safeguard dental practice )
3-4 pm

Source Dr. Ma. Arlissa D. Aguiluz

PDA, Exec. Director


THEME: Emerging Trends in Oral Healthcare in Philippine Dentistry
Source: www.pda.ph